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Film Animals

Animal performance, film and advertising

Here you can see a selection of our own film animals. Do you need more film animals? We are happy to arrange them from our reliable partners!

Photo - shootings, film, advertising productions and experience days with our film animals.

We have been training film animals for decades. It is labour intensive but we are passionate about working with film animals. Animals speak an emotional language so we specialise in a few film animal species. (It's like learning a foreign language, you can easily learn and understand three languages, but 15 or 20? ) For this reason and to make our work as good as possible we work with birds of prey and horses. Of course, one or the other film animal from different productions stays with us, like Lizzy our stag calf. Come and get to know our film animals and find your favourite film animal. We are also happy to organise an experience day for you with our film animals!